Tips To Keep Your Pets Safe In The Cold Weather
2 January, 2012

Even though we have not yet experienced really cold weather this winter, we can be certain it will come sooner of later.  There will be icy patches on the street, frost on cars, and we find the need to wear mittens and scarves to survive.  We take precautions to make sure our places are well insulated, that our automobiles are ready for the cold and that we have enough layers to stay warm.

But don’t forget about your pets… they need to be factored in the equation! For those who live in the real cold and have ice on the ground and/or snow, the cold weather can be harmful to your dogs and/or outdoor cats.

Below are some tips to remember to keep our pets warm and safe:

1. When the temperatures are extreme, limit the outdoor time your pet has to make sure no one comes in from the cold with ice on his or her fur.  If so, just grab a towel and wrap it around your pet to get his or her blood flowing again.

It’s cold out here- better head home!

2. Keep all items like anti-freeze on high shelves or in locked cabinets where your dog and cat can’t get to them or be exposed to them. Clean up any leaks and spills so your pet does ingest them.

3. If you use some type of anti-freeze on the sidewalk, try to use pet-friendly ones that are salt free and chloride free. This way you can be sure your pet’s feet and your neighborhood pets friends won’t get sore pads from chemicals that burn and won’t lick or ingest the poisons.  This is actually good advice all year around when using chemicals that are not safe for pets.

4. Make sure to check under your car before starting it up in the bitter cold in case there’s a cat or other animal seeking some shelter and warmth from the cold. You don’t want to find out there’s a cat in your engine or accidentally hurt your neighbor’s indoor/outdoor cat.   This actually happened to my sister’s cat, Sylvester, when it was cold outside and was found under the hood of our neighbor’s car!

5. When the ground is covered in snow and ice, the scents that help animals figure out where they are tend to dissipate and animals can get lost. Make sure your dog or cat has his ID tag (information) on his collar.  It would also be wise to keep your outdoor cat(s) inside during the colder months.  The last thing you need or want is for your dog or cat to wander off in the snow.

6.  Wipe your pet’s paws clean after coming in from the cold to remove any ice and dirt that can get tangled in the fur.

Hope these tips help you and your pets stay healthy and warm during the cold winter months. 

Have you build a profile for your pet! 

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