Toilet Training Your Cat
15 March, 2012

Have you ever thought about toilet training your cat and weren’t sure how to do so? Then, you must watch this excellent video that shows the process of toilet training your cat. I have also included the step-by-step explanation in case you missed anything in the video. If you like this video, you will love the rest of our site. Build a profile!

Toilet training your cat can take months so you want to make sure to have a dedicated bathroom that your cat can use. Start by putting the litter box on the ground right next to the toilet so your cat will get used to using the litter box in this little room next to the toilet. There’s a product you can use, an herbal additive that you can add to the litter box that will help attract the cat to the litter box, which can be an added benefit as you move through the phases.

Toilet training your cat is a slow process. And you want to make sure that the litter box is stable at all times. Start out by just raising the litter box just a little bit. The idea is that you are going to raise it more and more and more until it’s at the same level as the toilet. As it gets taller, you might want to duct tape your old magazines or books together just to make sure that it’s stable, because the last thing you want is for your cat to have the litter box slide or fall.

You can also use a step stool to toilet train your cat to make it really easy and effortless for the cat to get up there and not have to make a lot of calculated jumps. You want to make sure the box is secure so the cat isn’t going to end up tipping it over. You may end up wanting to use a slightly smaller box. It may actually take you a while to get the cat from the point that they’re down on the floor using the litter box to where they’re actually up on top of the toilet using the litter box.

Toilet training your cat is going to take a different amount of time for every cat and you may find that your cat is “not so interested in using the toilet up there” and you may have to lower it again. If this happens, start slowly building up to the top of the toilet again. Or you may have a cat that is fine with toilet training.

Next, you are going to lift the lid. There is a product you can buy that actually fits right into the toilet that starts out with no hole and it gets a bigger and bigger hole. It is basically a litter box that fits into the toilet. The idea is that you start with no hole and get the cat used to perching its’ paws on the seat and pooping into the litter box. And then the very first step is to open up that hole a little bit so your cat can see the water coming through and that’s where the real decisive moment comes.

Toilet training your cat is not for every cat. Your cat may be thinking ‘there is no way I’m using that toilet”. And then you may want to take a step back and go back to using the litter box. You may also want to keep your eye out whenever you see the cat using the toilet and give it praise or a treat, like toilet training a child.

Make sure to use a litter that’s flushable, because you will get litter that falls into the water and you don’t want it to clog up your plumbing. So you have your flushable litter, you have your basin, and then you have your little hole, and if your cat is comfortable with that little hole, which is a big stopping point for a lot of cats, then you can start making the hole a little bigger, a little bigger, a little bigger, and basically the idea is for him or her to use the toilet properly.

The goal is that as the hole gets bigger and bigger, there is just a little litter on the outside and then none at all so your cat is just perched on the toilet and pooping and peeing right into the toilet. Your toilet training is now complete and you have a happy cat and pet owner! Here are some more tips for toilet training your cat.

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