Top 5 Articles on Cat Advice of 2012
30 January, 2013

Below are the top 5 Articles on Kitten or Cat Care /Advice from  We hope that you enjoy them and share them with all your cat lover friends!

1.  Why Is My Cat Drooling


My friend’s cat, Ginger, was drooling the other night and Janice (her owner)  was worried.  But, this is fairly common among cats.  In fact, you will probably notice that your cat foams at the mouth after riding to the vet’s office or getting a dose of medicine!

Why is My Cat Drooling – Read Article


2.  5 Easy Ways to Keep Your Indoor Cat Active

If you have an indoor cat, you might be worried that your cat is not getting enough exercise and/or activity.  Cats can easily sleep the day away.  However, keeping your indoor cat active and entertained will not only have health benefits, but will also prevent boredom and keep your cat’s brain sharp.  Read the 5 easy ways to keep your cat healthy, happy and active.

5 Easy Ways To Keep Your Indoor Cat Active – Read Article

3.  Tips for An Aggressive Cat

As many cat owners know, our cats can be aggressive at times; it is inherent in their genetic make-up. My cat, Sammy, can become playfully aggressive and I know when to stop if he becomes too wild. Each cat is different in what he or she likes and we need to respect each cat’s boundaries. Read this article to learn about the different types of aggressive behavior and how to combat it.

Tips For An Agressive Cat – Read Article

4.  Can You Overfeed a Kitten?

My sister has two kittens, Gracie & Wyatt, who are now approaching eight months old.  She has been feeding them both wet food- a measured amount and dry food all day long.   Her kitties are thriving!  She is concerned, however, that Wyatt, the boy, might be getting too chunky and wants to know if she is over-feeding her kittens.  Read some of the general guidelines for feeding your kittens.

Can You Overfeed A Kitten – Read Article

5.  Cats Do Have Dreams

When I came home the other day, Sammy, my cat, was sleeping (big surprise).  However, instead of greeting me at the door, as he usually does, he let out this loud yelp-meow.  He then shook his head and realized I had just walked inside.  I figured that he must have been in the middle of a dream.  It is a well known fact that cats do sleep a lot, but do they sleep enough to dream?

Do Cats Have Dreams – Read Article



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