Top 7 Reasons to Adopt a Cat!
13 June, 2016
cat to adpot

Cats are amazing, fun, adorable pets that usually get second billing to dogs which shouldn’t be the case! Cats are funny, quirky companions who fill your home and family with love, laughs and toys hidden in all sorts of weird places!  They are low maintenance, don’t need toilet training and are happy to be indoors all day long!

Below are just some of the reasons why you should adopt a cat:

1. Cats are low maintenance

Cats are great pets because they don’t require as much maintenance or attention as dogs.  They are independent and are completely happy to play by themselves (when they aren’t napping).   You can leave some toys around, some food out and leave for the day and not worry about them

2. Cats do have big personalities and are hilarious!

Cats are excellent companions and each cat has his or her own quirky or funny traits.  They can be silly, do tricks and just contort their little bodies into all positions that lighten your day.  Most cats are abundantly affectionate and there is nothing like the sound of them purring.

Why do you think there are  millions of funny cat videos doing silly things!  Because cats are awesome and hilarious!

3. Cats clean themselves all day long!  We love that!

Cats are also the cleanest of animals as they groom themselves daily.   No grooming is needed which saves time and money.  And if you have an indoor cat, you never have to worry about your cat getting muddy, dirty or having fleas.  Have you heard of an indoor dog?!

4. Cats go to the bathroom in a litterbox and don’t need poddy training!

Cats use a litterbox to eliminate which is easy to maintain and manage.  If your cat wakes up at five a.m. to go to the bathroom, your kitty will do it on his or her own.  A dog usually needs an owner to get out of bed and go outside if there isn’t a backyard.  Of course, you need to clean the litter box, but twice a day is easy breezy.

5. Cats can do tricks

Cats are very smart animals so they will quickly learn what you like them to do just from a tone of voice or gesture.  And cats can do tricks if you put in the time to train them.  Some cats open doors, others can flush toilets.  They are smart and love to show off their talent!

6. Cats are generally less expensive pets

The food for cats is usually generally less expensive and most cats aren’t as hungry as dogs.  Since cats are mostly indoor pets, they usually don’t have to go the vet as often as dogs.  An indoor cat rarely gets fleas and if they do, the recurrence rate is low since they are rarely outside.

7. Cats are great pets if you work long hours

If you tend to work long hours, you can leave your cat or cats alone all day and they are fine!  With some food out, some interactive toys, they can entertain themselves or sleep the day away.  You don’t have to worry about running home to let your cat out or to take them on a walk!

There are so many reasons cats are great pets!  And, as always, make sure to adopt and bring joy in your life and save another kitty!


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