Travel Tips For Your Pets
4 June, 2012

If you are planning to take a weekend away with your dog or cat, you can avoid the stress of the trip by preparing a check list of what to expect.  Some dogs love to travel in a car, while others are not as excited about it.  Sammy, my cat, hates being in the car for more than five minutes while other cats are not as affected by travel.

And, remember, it’s not just the travel, but the stress of being away from home that can cause your pet anxiety.  If your next weekend trip includes your pet, below are some tips to make the trip safer and more fun:

1.         Talk to your vet about any concerns you have regarding your pet’s health prior to travel.

2.         When planning a trip, check that your pet is welcome to stay at your destination.

3.         Take copies of your pet’s health records with you, including rabies certificate. If you’re traveling to another state, check the state’s requirements of health certificates needed so you can gather it all before you go.

4.         Make sure your pet’s collar has all the tags on it and that they are secure. If your pet is micro-chipped and the tag has not been placed on the collar, make sure to put it on. If your pet gets lost, the microchip tag on the collar will help get your pet back to you that much faster. Update any phone numbers or information needed for the tags.

5.         Limit the amount of food that you give your pet before the trip to avoid sickness.

I love to travel with my parents!

6.         Your pets need to be secure in a car. Small dogs and cats should be in a carrier or crate and larger dogs should have a seat belt harness.

7.         Try to stop every few hours while driving so your dog can alleviate itself and exercise a little. Cats need a small litter box placed in their crate or travel kennel but also need room to move around. You can make a small litter box out of cardboard or use the disposable roasting pans that can be found in a grocery store when on the road.

8.         When traveling by air, check with the airline about the specific requirements for your pet.

9.         Book nonstop flights so your pet doesn’t have to be moved around more than necessary and reduce the amount of stress she may feel.

10.       Make sure the kennel or crate for your pet allows him or her to move around, stand up, and that your pet fits comfortably inside.

While traveling can be stressful, if you prepare ahead, you and your pets will have a great trip ahead.

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