Traveling Tips I Wish I Knew Before I Left Home With Two Dogs
14 September, 2015
Best Friends Travel Tips

Guest Blog by Maureen Lake

Boy do we love our dogs, but traveling with them can cause some extra headaches. Especially the unexpected mess along the traveling road.  Currently, I’m experiencing an adventure with my two Doodles after driving 1255.8 miles from Denver CO to our final destination of Carmel CA.

Best Friends Travel Tips

Sure, I came prepared with all the essentials including a huge first aid kit, two doggie beds, an abundance of treats and squeaky toys. We are staying in a beautiful rental home and I want them to be comfy, just as if they were in their own home. What I didn’t anticipate is the mess they would make in and around this “home away from home”.  It got me thinking about what I might do a bit differently, knowing what I know now, especially concerning tummy problems, dirt, and sand…oh boy I definitely didn’t anticipate the sand!

Pet Hair Everywhere!

I have two Labradoodles and pet hair has never really been a problem for us at all.  Rosa and Keira don’t typically shed. I barely find hair in the dog brush after vigorous brushing. I’m not sure if it’s the ocean air, salt water, stress or a combination of the three, but I’m finding pet hair on the furniture and it’s driving me bonkers. I didn’t even think to bring a lint roller. Heck, I’m not even sure I own one.

But, what this little house has is dishwasher gloves. I had no idea how quick, cheap and effective these were in picking up hair from the furniture or floor. Pop them on, sweep them over the area and swoosh— hair problem gone!

What happened to my perfectly potty-trained dogs?

What? Seriously. I’m waking up in the morning to wet accidents in the house. For whatever reason, my pups have regressed. Did I think to bring cleaner or deodorizer? No, this never even occurred to me…

Luckily, there was vinegar in the house to rectify this situation and it’s a simple 3 Step Solution:

1.  Blot the area— don’t rub!

2.  Mix a solution of equal parts water and white vinegar

3.  Add a couple squirts of gentle dishwashing soap

Stain removed and the smell is gone!  Even so, I do keep the windows open to bring in as much fresh air as possible, and oh how I love the scented candles all around this home.

Sand? OMD I didn’t even consider the sand!

 The beach is so much fun and the main reason we came to Carmel in the first place. Carmel has an amazing dog beach and the town is incredibly dog friendly.  I just didn’t realize the amount of sand that accumulates in one single day.  Of course we wash the dogs down before entering the house, but honestly, the sand doesn’t wash away with the water! Is it magnetic? I brush their fur and that helps some… But, what I really notice is that the sand likes to migrate to their paws and turn into a concrete type paste.

I found a really great DIY solution from Dog Milk. The easy to make “Mud Puppy Mittens” would work great with sandy paws too!  Check Them Out Here. It looks like it just might do the trick and I wish I had seen them before I left home.

Poor Upset Tummy

Traveling can wreak havoc on our digestion system so it makes sense that it might do the same with our dogs. Pumpkin is the great equalizer. It’s such a great source of fiber and helps to keep your dog regular. You can add a small amount to dog food and the chances are your dog will lap it up. I haven’t met a dog yet that doesn’t like pumpkin. Just make sure you find pure pumpkin and NOT pie filling.

I actually love to bake, so I whipped up some tasty treats for my dogs to help with their constipation. I know it’s ridiculous to bake on vacation, but I just couldn’t help myself.  Plus, this cute little house had cute little heart cookie cutters so I couldn’t resist. The Doodles loved this quick and easy recipe, even Rosa, who suffers from allergies.

Pumpkin Hearts

    • ¼ cup real organic pumpkin
    • 1 T honey
    • 1 Cup Brown Rice Flour

Mix, roll and bake at 325 for 30 minutes. My dogs are happy campers!

Pumpkin Hearts

Traveling with my dogs is a heck of a lot of fun, even if I didn’t anticipate everything that came up during our stay. The quick tips shared are ones I will continue to practice once we return home.  I will most definitely add these items to our dog traveling kit when we go on our next doggie vacation.

Maureen Lake writes for the blog RosaDoodle and co-owns Trendy Pet with her daughter. Trendy Pet makes elevated dog and cat feeder in Denver Colorado.


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