Treating Urinary Crystals for Your Kitties is Easier than You Think!
18 November, 2015

You know that awful feeling you have when you can’t urinate, well think of how your cat feels!  He or she goes to the litter box and just sits there and only a few drops come out at a time.  Or sometimes you kitty will miss the litter box and that’s humiliating for them and a pain for us to clean.   It’s very likely in both cases that your kitty has urinary crystals.

Your cat typically has urine crystals from dehydration

While this isn’t always the case and depends upon your kitten, the majority of the cats that have urinary crystals simply aren’t drinking enough water.  Cats are extremely thirst tolerant and can be completely dehydrated and not even feel it.  Cats don’t always seek sources of water even when their body needs it. This is why cats so susceptible to urinary crystals and stones.

How can you get your cats to drink more water?

Cats are not like dogs and run to the bowl of water to drink it up when they are thirsty or even have just finished eating a meal.  Therefore, you have to get creative.  Always have water bowls out around the house.  Try getting a water fountain that spins fresh water and feels more like an interactive game to get them to drink it.

Your cat needs to eat wet food to help with crystals

We know our cats are finicky but it’s important for you to find wet food that your cats enjoy.  Wet food is 80% more water than dry.  In fact, adding more water to their wet food is even better – and we know our cats like mushy food.  Adding water to wet food is an excellent way to help your cats with crystals.

Stop feeding your cats any dry food for cats with urine crystals

If your cat does has crystals, it is time to stop the dry food altogether. Dry food will not cause the crystals, but it will be helpful in getting rid of the crystals.  You need to transition your cat to a wet food and stay on wet food for the duration of his life. 

Once your cat has urinary crystals, it never goes away completely

Once you have managed the first round of urinary crystals in your cat, it is important to discuss with your vet about your next follow up.  While the urinary crystals is certainly manageable, they can come back if you don’t take care of it from the start.

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