Wags and Wiggles Makes Adorable Toys and Accessories for Your Pet!
8 October, 2013

If you are looking for an adorable, home made, toy and/or accessory for your dog or cat, Wags and Wiggles should be your first place to look.  Need a catnip filled toy for your cat, a leash bag for your dog, Wags and Wiggles offers fun looking, durable products for your pet kids.

Wags and Wiggles products are hand made and durable

Wags and Wiggles is a wonderful Etsy site that offers home-made, durable and fun accessories for your pet.  Each toy and accessory is made from scratch and created and designed by the owner, Shawna Ziemer.  The items are not only adorable, but since Shawna uses only cotton to heavy weight fabric, each item is remarkably durable.  Most of the accessories are designed with an extra layer of a sewn, rip-stop nylon as we know how tough our pets can be on their toys and accessories!  Not only durable, but her items are machine-washable for easy cleaning.

The toys for cats are equally durable and filled with 100 % organic catnip.  As in everything else, Wags and Wiggles uses only the top notch fabrics and ingredients for all her toys and accessories.

Wags and Wiggles is a labor of love

Wags and Wiggles was created in August of 2010 as Shawna couldn’t find the type of gift or toy for her dog with the quality that she felt her dog deserved.  With a knack for design, Shawna decided it was time to branch out on her own.  She has done really well and has a five-star customer feedback rating!  She works from her home in Northern California and oversees every step of the process from design to shipping.  This way she can assure that the quality and satisfaction is up to her high-standards and her customers are happy and satisfied.

Wags and Wiggles has been chosen to have their products in many awards shows

Wags and Wiggles has been asked to offer their products in celebrity gifting organizations for various GBK Productions Awards Show Gifting Lounges.  Shawna has had many of her items in the celebrity swag bags for the Primetime Emmys, The Oscars, Golden Globes and the CMA Awards.  She also has had toys and leash bags gifted to several celebrities, such as Tori Spelling, Kaley Cuoco, Rachel Ray, Alison Sweeney, and Amanda Seyfried.  How great is that!

There are so many reasons to buy your dog and cat’s toys and accessories from Wags and Wiggles.  They are hand-designed, durable and adorable.  Make sure to take a look at their site, Wags and Wiggles, and buy something for your beloved pet.  You will be glad that you did!

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