Want Healthy, Tasty Treats for Your Dogs…Front Porch Pets Is The Place to Go!
10 February, 2014

We dog owners love to give our dogs their daily dose of food and treats. Dog Treats are a great way to keep our dogs feeling satisfied throughout the day and add a little variety to their meals.  And, of course, treats are a great way to train our pups and reward them for good behavior. However, with so many treats on the market, how do you choose one that is both healthy and enticing?


Look no further, Front Porch Pets delivers the yummiest, most high quality treats from their front porch to your front door! Your dog will love these treats—they look good enough for us humans to eat!

Sam’s Yams™ are made from 100% Sweet Potato

Sam’s Yams™ are the ORIGINAL sweet potato dog chew. They are made from premium grown 100% USDA grade sweet potato from US family farms. Sweet potato is the #1 ranked vegetable and has been found to be easily digestible and loaded with vitamins, so they are far superior to many other healthy dog treats. Sam’s Yams™ products contain no wheat gluten (a substance many dogs are allergic to) or any other additives. Veterinarians recommend Sam’s Yams™ products because they are hypo-allergenic.

Sam’s Yams™ promote dental hygiene

Sam’s Yams™ treats are made with patented ridges which promote dental hygiene for your pup. The sumptuous dog chews are not only healthy but also help keep your dog’s teeth clean. Their patented process creates a hard, ridged, grooved surface which is great for dental health and has the chew-ability that dogs love. All Sam’s Yams™ products are also well suited for senior dogs whose teeth and gums are more sensitive.

About Front Porch Pets and Sam’s Yams™

The concept behind Front Porch Pets was created when Research Chef David, owner and inventor of Sam’s Yams™, experimented with some recipes for humans. He came up with a process to create treats in a dehydrator. When Chef David saw the finished product, he thought it looked a lot like rawhide, but it was pure vegetable. Chef David got them out of the dehydrator and after feeding them to his dog Jasper, who went crazy for them (as did all the other dogs that tried them), and that was the beginning! He decided to use sweet potato as a base and created all the wonderful different Sam’s Yams™ products.

Sam’s Yams™ product offerings:

Sam’s Yams™ offers so many choices that your dog can sample! All varieties have specific nutritional ingredients that make each product unique. The three original products are Bichon “Fries,”™ shaped like crinkle cut french fries, Veggie “Rawhide”™, and Big Boyz™ Chews which are the thickest.

They have five varieties of Sam’s Yams Cookies™ including: Berry Yammy™, “Green and Clean”™ Hoppin’ Good Carrot™, CranApple Orange™ and Pumpkin Crunches™ which are all unsweetened applesauce and sweet potato based.

And then, if you want to treat your dog to a bone (and calm him down), how about a Yam Bones™ “Calmly Chamomile,” which is their Big Boyz™ product cut into bone shapes and infused with chamomile tea?


Make sure to buy your dogs some of the amazing Sam’s Yams™ products. Your furry friends will wag with joy and you will love how you’re giving your pups a healthy, easily digestible treat. Purchase some today at: http://www.frontporchpets.com/ and you and your dogs will be happy you did!


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