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17 September, 2012

An Interview with Leslie Campbell

I had the pleasure of speaking with Leslie Campbell, who is one of the top westside dog walkers and the owner of “We Let the Dogs Out”.   We had a great time talking about her love of dogs and what a person should look for in a dog walker.

The first thing I noticed when meeting and speaking with Leslie is that she is upbeat and fun.  She lights up when we talk about her love of dogs and her dream job.   Her enthusiasm is contagious and we had a great time together.   Below is an overview of our talk.  I provided the questions and Leslie answered them.

What makes a good dog walker?

Obviously, first and foremost, you have to love all types of dogs.  You also should have a personality that is welcoming and adjustable.  When working with dogs, you need to be perceptive of the dogs that are with you and your surroundings.  You must be fearless!   And only the quality dog walkers are both insured and bonded.

It’s also very important to be a ‘people person’ because you need to connect with the dog’s owners.  You are taking care of their babies and want to know if they have any special recommendations or considerations for their dog.  The owners have to know that you care about their dogs and feel comfortable leaving them with you.

How many dogs do you have with you at a time?

I do individual dog walks in the morning and then take large groups of 10-14 dogs to the dog park, five days a week. I make sure that when I take on a new client that the new dog gets along with the group.   If he or she is aggressive and can’t jump peacefully into my car with the group, then I can’t allow that dog to go.  Those dogs become individual walking clients.



How do you handle the dogs in the summer when it is hot out?

I actually just installed fans throughout my car so that the dogs can stay cool at all times.  They love it!  And, at the dog park, I make sure they are hydrated and hose them down with water to keep them cool.  Dogs love to play, rain or shine!

Have you ever had any ‘incidents’ on the job?

So far, I have only had one incident at the dog park.   Another dog at the park bit one of my dogs and I had to act quickly.  Luckily, it wasn’t too bad and I wrapped the dog with a bandage to stop the bleeding.  I then called his owners and met them at the veterinarian’s office.   I have also taken a course in ‘dog’ CPR to make sure I can help a dog if he becomes unconscious or hurt.

What made you decide to become a dog walker?

I was in the entertainment business for many years.  I found myself stressed out and over it.  One day, I just said “I’m done”.   I saw an advertisement for a woman that wanted someone to take over her dog walking business.  I had always been involved in rescuing dogs and contributing to dog charities and thought that this could be my calling.  Six years later, I have never looked back and wake up every day with a smile on my face because I LOVE what I do!


Why would we want to hire you to be our dog walker?

As I mentioned above, I love what I do.  And, since I am older and this is my second career, I take it very seriously. I am responsible, show up on time and have great references.  I don’t even have a website.  I keep saying I should, but all of my clients come from referrals.

Leslie and I could have spoken for a long time as she loves dogs and her career.  She also boards dogs so she always has plenty of them around her and her beloved dog, Oscar de la Weiner, whom she inherited from one of her clients.  In fact, Leslie is more of a ‘pet care provider’ than a dog walker, a term that is almost vernacular now.  She walks dogs, trains dogs, boards them and provides CPR and her specialty is not just limited to dogs.

If you want a great ‘pet care provider’ and live in the westside of Los Angeles, please contact Leslie Campbell at “We Let the Dogs Out”.  Her email address is [email protected].  You and your dog will be better off for it!


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