What You Should Do With Your Cat(s) When You Are Away?
16 December, 2015

If you have a cat and tend to travel frequently or just want to take a vacation, you will need to make sure your cat is cared for properly while you are away.  Unlike dogs, cats, for the most part, don’t like to be away from their known surroundings.  Therefore, it’s best to keep them at home where they feel comfortable.  Then the next decision is how best to care for them while you are away.

Cats are usually OK on their own for one day

Cats are usually OK if you leave them alone for a day with a clean litter box, fresh food and water.  If your cats only eat wet food, than you should make sure to leave some food in the morning before you go away.  If your trip is more than a day or so, there are various option for you and your kitty.  And, of course, each cat is different and it’s best to judge according to your kitty’s temperament what suits them best.

Have a trusted neighbor or family member look after your kitty

If you have a family member or a friend (or even neighbor) that can stop by on a daily basis, this is a great option as most cats like to stay home and not vary their routine.  Cats are pretty self-sufficient, so all your friend or family member has to do is make sure that your cats have enough food, some water, and they need to scoop out the ‘droppings’ from the litter box.  And, of course, a little rub down and attention to your cat is also required.  Hopefully, whoever is watching your cat has a pet so you can return the favor.

If you are going on a long vacation, a pet sitter is a great option

If you don’t have a friend that can take care of your kitty or you are going on an extended vacation, there are many pet sitters who can take care of your cat.  A pet sitter is a great alternative (although you do have to pay them) as they are trained to be with cats and know what your cat needs and/or any special care for your kitty.  Get recommendations from friends and/or your veterinarian. If you do have a cat that needs medication of any sort, a pet sitter is the way to go.  It is too much pressure for a friend or even family member to know how to give your kitties medication when you are away.

Make sure whoever watches your cat has your vet’s number and emergency contacts

Make sure your pet sitter (or anyone who watches over your cat) is given all the emergency telephone numbers, just in case. Leave a number where he or she can reach you, and write down your veterinarian’s telephone number and the nearest emergency hospital as well.  Always better to be prepared.

If you can’t find a pet sitter or neighbor, you can take your cat to a pet boarding facility

If you don’t have any other option, try to locate a pet boarding facility where your cat will be housed away from dogs. A nice large confinement area is preferred. At a minimum, a litter box should be provided along with other essentials such as toys and food games to help keep your cat comfortable and occupied. A hiding place within the confinement area is also a good idea so your cat can have his privacy if he prefers. 

Your cat will be OK when you go away as long as you have prepared to have him tended to.  And you will certainly know when you get home if your kitty was well tended to and/or if they behaved appropriately by how your kitty looks and how he responds to you!


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