Why Do Cats Cover Their Faces While Sleeping?
28 February, 2018
cat cover eyes while sleeping

Cats are amazing sleepers and will sleep anywhere and everywhere.  Some cats love their own beds, while others love to settle in on the couch or even a sink!  When cats reach a deep sleep, you might see them covering their faces with either their paws or tail. It’s such a cute and curious position.

Below are some reasons why your kitty covers her eyes while sleeping:

The position is comfortable!

Think of all the positions we like to sleep in. We start on our backs with our arms by your side, but by the time morning rolls around, we’re lying with one arm across your chest and the other one flung up over your head. It’s comfortable for you. Same thing applies to our cats.  They cover their faces because it happens to be the most comfortable position for them.

Blocks out the sun

Cats are pros at finding warn places to sleep, but the problem with napping in the warm sun is how to keep the bright light out of their eyes. Your feline buddy figured out that she can use her paws or tail to block out the sun. When trying to sleep during the day, her two front paws act like sunglasses when she covers her face, shielding her eyes from the sun’s painfully bright rays.

Sense of security

Cats need to feel secure at all times. That’s not an easy task during a napping session. This is why you may have your kitty poke her head under the comforter, while leaving her body out in plain view. Burying her head in a dark secure spot, gives her a sense of security. She doesn’t always feel like hiding under something though — sometimes she just wants to sleep in her favorite wide-open spot on the couch. The only thing she can do for security is cover her face. It may not look safe, but she feels fully protected.

Too tired to move after grooming

Grooming all day takes a lot of energy!  It’s a lot of work to stay clean and pretty. So naturally, your kitty warns out easily. During her grooming session, she could start to zone out from pure exhaustion while cleaning her face. So her paw just lands right there, over her eyes, because making the extra effort to move it back down towards her body takes too much effort.

Keeps her nose warm

Curling up in a ball is the best way to retain heat. You will likely notice your kitty tightly curled up when there’s a bit of a nip in the air, inside or outside. Tucking their feet underneath them and wrapping a paw or their tail around the face helps to keep their nose warm.

Next time you see your cat with her tail or paws over her face, you could be one step closer to understanding why your kitty does this, besides looking adorable!

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