Why Do Cats Love Bags and Boxes?
2 June, 2016

Any feline owner knows that cats love paper bags, plastic bags and all sorts of boxes.  A box arrives to your home and within five minutes, your cat is inside it!  But, it’s not just boxes, but other enclosed objects, including bags, laundry baskets, suitcases and backpacks.  So, what’s the rub?

Boxes offer cats a sense of security and a place to play or prey!

Cats instinctively seek out confined spaces. In the wild, confined spaces allow cats to both hide from predators and sneakily stalk prey!

While inside a box, cats feel as if they are hiding and can’t be snuck up on from behind or the side. Anything or anyone that wants to approach them must will be directly in their field of vision.  Boxes let cats watch the world around them without being seen.  And, of course, hiding is natural for cats as they run and hide to a confined space when they are scared or stressed.

Boxes of all shapes and sizes provide a sense of warmth

Cats love to curl up in boxes and other strange places that provide warmth.  Think of how most cats jump right into a laundry basket just after you finish a load!  Cardboard is a great insulator and allows your cat to ball up inside which helps maintain their own heat.  Cats become so comfortable in their own boxes that they go there to relax, play, and bathe themselves.  Their own little home!

Cats love to play and pounce in paper bags

Many cats love paper bags for the same reason as boxes… they are a great hiding place and an ideal fit for a cat’s small body.  Apart from hiding, our crazy felines love to attack paper bags by pouncing on them and stalking out of them!

Cats also enjoy paper bags for solitary play

Cats enjoy paper bags for solitary play purposes. If a cat is fixated on a specific item, whether a paper bag or a little tennis ball, this is how they play on their own terms.  They can enjoy it all to themselves!

Cats also like plastic bags to pounce on and even lick!  (But, be careful, they can be dangerous)

Our silly felines will sometimes pounce on a plastic bag or rip it apart or even lick them.  There is an ingredient in plastic bags that cats are attracted to called “tallow“, an animal fat used in making plastic bags. Some cats have such a strong sense of smell, they are attracted to the bag and enjoy the taste.  But, clearly, this isn’t great for your cat, but certainly explains a lot!

So there you have it:  boxes and bags are insulated, stress-reducing, comfort zones where cats can hide, nap and occasionally launch a sneak attack against anyone who passes by!


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