Why Do Our Cats Sleep So Much?
8 October, 2013

Any cat owner knows that our cats seem to sleep the day away.  It is normal for a cat to sleep 15 to 19 hours a day!  That’s a lot of sleep.  Dogs do sleep a lot as well, but the feline sleeping behavior is more than most animals.  Therefore, if you have just adopted a cat or have never had one, don’t be alarmed at how much he or she sleeps.

Cats are the most active at dusk and dawn

One thing that can help us explain our cats’ sleeping patterns is that most of the cats are crepuscular animals which mean they are active during dawn and dusk. Many cat owners assume that their cats are active at night because they are often awaken very early in the morning. The truth is that cats actually spend most of their night time sleeping.

Cats’ crepuscular nature comes from their hunting habit. Cats are natural predators that hunt for small animals such as rodents, birds or even bugs. Their prey is most active when the sun comes up in the morning and right before it goes down in the evening. When cats are not hunting, they take plenty of naps and, well, indoor cats don’t do a lot of hunting!

Our cat’s sleeping patterns

Most of our cats are primarily indoor cats.   As a cat adjusts to his or her home, the feline’s sleeping pattern is usually influenced by their cat owners. If their human parents are away most of the day, cats may take this time to sleep and replenish. However, in some cases, cats sleep out of boredom because they do not have anyone or other animals to interact with while we are at work.  It helps if you have some interactive toys that you can leave for your cat while you are away.

Cats really do take a lot of cat naps

Cats don’t sleep 16 hours a day consecutively. Often you see cats take intervals to nap. The reason of that has to do with their predator instinct. Cats are very alert about their environment and will wake up to check their surroundings to ensure everything is OK.  And, then back to napping!

Kittens require more sleep than adult cats. Since kittens are developing and growing, they are tired and still figuring out how to adjust to their new world. When a kitten grows into a young cat, he or she will start conforming to the adult cat sleeping patterns.

Our cats do dream or so we think

Cats often twitch their paws and whiskers while they sleep or move their eyes as if they are running and pouncing on small critters in their dream. Cats also go through both Rapid Eye Movement (REM) and non-REM sleep where during non-REM sleep, they repair themselves and allow their body to grow.

Cats sleep anywhere and everywhere

Cats sleep in any places they feel fit or seem comfy at least to their standards. The criteria they are looking for in a perfect napping spot usually consist of a soft, warm, comfortable and safe place. However, if the temperature is high, they prefer sleeping all stretched out. If the weather is cold, they will curl up, cover their face with their paws or even lie nearby a heat source, such as a computer or even an alarm clock.

Our cats really do require a lot of sleep.  So if you are worrying about why your cat is sometimes sleeping the day away, well, that’s just what they do.  Ah, the life of a cat!

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