Why Does Your Cat Knock Things off Tables?
27 September, 2017
cat knock things

Cats have their quirks and we love them for it.  One of their favorites and more puzzling behaviors is when cats’ knock things off tables and shelves.  Of course, no one knows the exact reason why cats love to knock things, but there are a few theories as to why cats perform this crazy and annoying antic.

Cats tend to knock things off tables because it’s their prey instinct

Cats will often swat at an item with a quick slap which is the same way they toy with their prey. The belief is that your cat sees an object on the table that they can’t really identify (they are far-sighted after all).  Could it be a mouse in disguise? A bird posing as a bottle of water? They want to test it out. By knocking the item to the floor, they learn that those things aren’t prey at all!  Oops!

Another theory is that cats are hungry and it’s their way of saying feed me!

Cats show us when they’re hungry and it’s feeding time by meowing loudly, staring at you or even rubbing themselves around your legs. But, maybe you’re distracted (looking at your phone or watching TV)!  Knocking that favorite vase off the mantle seems like a good way to alert you that it’s dinner time.  Uh oh, time to feed them.

Your cat will also knock things off the table because they’re bored and want attention.

Nothing gets a cat owner in the mood for play more than hearing a set of dishes go cascading to the floor. Isn’t this a fun game?  Oh, wee, there goes your favorite coffee cup! But, then, of course, cats are fascinated by the way the object flies so they do it again.  And, when you react, it’s your cat’s way to get your attention even if it’s negative attention.  They want you to play with them and pay attention!

The best way to stop this behavior is to find out what items your cat finds enticing

The best way to stop the knocking behavior is to make sure objects that are enticing to your cat are kept out of reach or secured. Valuable or breakable objects being displayed should be secured.  Small objects such as pill bottles, jewelry, etc., should be placed in drawers or cabinets.

Giver your cats a distraction on the floor to play with

Strategically place safe cat toys, such as furry mice, crinkle balls and whatever else your cat likes, all around the house for your cat to find. If your cat likes batting objects to the floor, place a cat toy on the perch of a cat tree so he can knock that to the floor and then go chasing after it.  That is allowed!

If you stop the behavior before it gets to be a habit for your cat, you can get it under control.  Try to play more often with your cat and keep those really valuable items away from your cat’s reach.

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