Why Does Your Cat Stare at You?
22 February, 2017
cat stare

We love our cats and their funny, silly quirks from kneading, purring or their head butts.  How about the slow eye-blink when your cat is professing her love?  But, when your cat gives you that intense stare and is focused only on you, it can be amusing and confusing.  As it turns out, there are many reasons why your cats stares at you.

Cats have evolved corneas allowing them to stare intensely

Cats’ have very evolved corneas that don’t need the constant blinking to wet their surface that humans do. So cats can stare and stare. This has many advantages when they want to keep watch on their potential prey. But it also means they can communicate from a distance. Using their incredible ability to see motion, cats can keep tabs on their friend’s state of mind, and send messages back and forth, through small, subtle, facial motions.

Cats have the ability to keep their eyes open for a long time

What may seem like an intense stare may really just be your cat looking at you. Cats’ eyes aren’t like ours. They don’t need to blink as often so they can focus on an object for a long period of time without looking away.  We tend to interpret that unwavering gaze as a stare, but your cat might actually look at everything that way.

Your cat loves you and wants to watch your every move!

Cats are extremely curious and just as we are sometimes surprised by the things they do, they think we’re fascinating too!  Your cat’s stare may simply be out of curiosity.  Your kitty is watching to try and make sense of what you’re doing or because she heard or smelled something unfamiliar.  Or she loves you and that’s all!

Your kitty wants something (usually food or attention)

Your cat knows where she gets her food from, who controls the toys, and who has the ability to give her a good cuddle! When your cat wants something, she may stare at you to see if she’s going to get it.  Are you going to finally feed her? Play with her?  Or are you just ignoring her and trying to work done!

Your cat is acting out of instinct

Kitties are predators in the wild and their ability to focus on prey intently is an important part of hunting. When your cat stares, she isn’t thinking about making you into a meal, but she may want to pounce you for fun.

Your cat might have a medical problem (a different stare)

Cats that are suffering from kidney failure, an underactive thyroid, or a heart problem causes your cat’s blood pressure to rise to dangerous levels.  This would cause a cat’s pupils to dilate, making it look like she is staring all the time. Normally, a cat would have other medical symptoms to indicate that there’s a problem, but if your cat seems to be staring at you differently, it’s a good idea to consult your vet.

Whether your cats are simply adoring you as the main objects of their affection or they’re just waiting intently for their breakfast, you can’t deny that it can be flattering to be stared at so intensely

3 thoughts on “Why Does Your Cat Stare at You?”

  1. HAHAHAHA we humans may NOT stare at the cats because they see that as provocation, but they stare at us for minutes, at least mine do this again and again, I try to blink to signalize I´m friendly, and it works, but our cats still have a lot of secrets…..

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