Why Does Your Dog Eat Grass?
15 October, 2012

Many dog owners know that most of our dogs love to eat anything and everything.  But, sometimes they eat things that they shouldn’t such as your front lawn!  There are many reasons why your dog might be eating grass (or even dirt).  While it is an annoying habit, it really isn’t bad for them in small doses.

Below are some reasons as to why your dog is eating grass.

Your dog is bored

If your dog spends a lot of time alone or is not played with and exercised regularly, he or she can get bored.   If they are outside a lot on their own, they might feel like there is nothing better to do than to eat the grass.

It is important for dog owners to make sure to walk their dogs regularly or give them activities to do to keep them active.  An active dog becomes tired and won’t be as prone to eating grass or dirt as an activity.

Your dog’s diet is not sufficient

Some dogs eat grass because their bodies tell them to. This can be because of a mineral deficiency that is somehow improved by consuming the grass off the ground. Unless the grass is contaminated by something harmful, this practice of eating grass can be good for your dog.

However, if you think your dog is eating grass for this reason, you should consider switching to a higher quality of dog food which would help them feel satisfied and not looking for other options.  There are many healthy brands on the market that will help your dog get the minerals or vitamins he or she needs.

Most dogs will eat just about anything you put in front of them. So if your dog is eating grass on occasion, it might simply be because the grass is there and it is edible.

Your dog could be sick

Dogs sometimes eat grass because they want to vomit, or conversely, they may vomit because they ate some grass. If dogs gulp down grass without chewing properly and in large amounts, it will often make them vomit. This may not mean your dog is simply being a glutton. It could be that your dog has eaten something that doesn’t agree with him and he or she wants to get rid of it.

Your dog likes the taste of grass

Some dogs enjoy a little variety in their diet and sometimes grass is not an exception.   Depending on the type of grass, it can be sweet smelling and tasting and have an interesting texture for a dog. In other words, they may simply be eating grass because it tastes good to them.  Therefore, if you want your dogs to stop eating the grass, try a non-chemical deterrent that can be sprayed on the grass but not hurt your dog.  This could cause a taste aversion to the grass so your dog won’t continue this behavior.

I hope these tips help!   If your dog continues to eat grass regularly, make an appointment with your veterinarian to make sure that there isn’t an underlying medical condition.

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