Why it’s important to take a pet to the Vet
16 August, 2011

I know that both cats and dogs are not exactly excited about going to the Vet. In fact, most cats protest it in their own vocal way. I don’t blame them. I certainly don’t enjoy going to the Doctor, but I know that it is important to have my annual exams. And similarly, for our pets, we know they should have their annual exams in order to ensure that they remain healthy and live a very long life.

Obviously, our pets can’t tell us when they are down and out, so it’s up to us to look out for signs of health changes that might occur and/or bring them to the Vet for their annual check-up and vaccinations. If you do schedule regular exams and make sure that your pet has a good diet, it can prevent further health issues later.

Here are some tips to promote a long and healthy life in our pets:

Annual Exams

By taking your pet to the Vet on a yearly basis, you have the ability to catch potential problems early. It is less expensive in the long run and can let you know what problems may be developing or could develop as your pet gets older. Blood tests and physical exams will help you know if your pet is developing any health issues that might need special attention.


Like humans, as pets get older, their dietary needs change; they need different amounts of protein, vitamins, and fatty acids depending on their age and health. A Vet can advise the right diet for your pet. Further, portion control is also important to maintain a healthy weight. My cat loves Vitamin E even though that might not be the right vitamin for him (I know- weird!)


Pet Dentist?

The good news is that you don’t have to take your pet to the Dentist. Your vet will look for any signs of oral disease, but you can also help prevent problems by brushing your pet’s teeth on a regular basis at home. I know it is more difficult in cats, but just do the best you can. Some snacks for your pets are good for their teeth and can help break up the tartar that builds up. If your pet has bad or a weird smell from its mouth, it can be a sign of a digestive problem or a bad tooth that may need extraction.


Just like people, in order to keep your pet healthy, it is important to keep them active. This is more difficult in cats as you can’t take them for walks. You can play with them to make sure they run around and don’t sleep all day. Throw them a mouse or their favorite toy. Keeping your pet active also can mean they don’t get bored and try to do destroy things around your house. In fact, if you take your dog for a walk every day, it is healthy for both you and your dog.

Fleas & Ticks

Once you see the first sign of a flea or tick, make sure to take your pet to the Vet immediately. These annoying insects are hard to destroy so if you catch them early on, that is very helpful. Better yet, prevention is the best medicine. Routine exams can catch intestinal parasites. You can also purchase flea or tick medicine that prevent them from invading your innocent pet.

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