Winter is Coming! Enjoy the Weather with This Snow-proof Dog Toy
16 November, 2016
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Guest blog by: Kate Stelmaszek

It’s mid-November. Winter is coming and that means snow.

Imagine your happy dog leaping into snowdrifts, his favorite toy in his mouth. But what happens when that toy gets lost, soggy, or fills with mildew?

Luckily, there’s a perfect dog toy for playing in the snow. And chances are, it’s in your fridge right now…

Your Dog’s New Favorite Snow Toy

The best dog toy for snowy days is a 1-gallon milk jug.

The plastic is soft and feels comfortable between a dog’s teeth. The jug is easy to clean, won’t get soggy, and can’t freeze outside. And you can replace the jug as often as your family drinks milk.

How do you play with a milk jug? It depends on your dog.

Try holding the jug’s handle while you two play tug of war. Or grip the handle and toss the jug into the air.

My dog loves to catch the jug in midair. Then, she runs around me in victory, her head held high.

Some dogs enjoy munching the soft plastic of the jug. Some want it tossed so they can retrieve it. But the most adventurous dogs play Chase the Jug

Playing Chase the Jug

One of the best ways to play with a milk jug is to pair it with a sled ride.

You’ll need two people, a sled, some dry treats, a short length of rope, and a steep, sled-riding hill.

Begin by tying one end of the rope to the back of the sled. Tie the other end to the handle of the milk jug. Now, put the treats into the jug. Give your dog a sniff so he knows there’s a yummy prize available. Now you’re ready to begin…

Choose one person to act as sled rider while the other acts as dog handler. The dog handler’s job is to hold your dog firmly so the sled rider gets a good head start.

Now, have the sled rider get on and begin descending the hill. Imagine your dog’s excitement as he watches his favorite toy bouncing down the hill, delicious treats inside. After a few seconds, allow the dog handler to release your dog.

Watch as your dog sprints down the hill. He might get lucky if some of his treats bounce out on the way. It’ll be great fun for him to chase the jug, treats, and sled as everything slides down the hill.

Once everyone reaches the bottom, be sure your dog gets a treat or two for his hard work. Then hike up the hill again and switch roles.

And repeat!

Invent Your Own Milk Jug Games

The next time it snows, try playing with a milk jug. Once your dog has mastered the basics, experiment and invent your own milk jug games.

Then share your dog’s story of the perfect snow day below!

About the Writer:

Kate Stelmaszek is a freelance pet copywriter specializing in web, email, and social media marketing writing for the pet industry. You can contact her by email at [email protected]. Or visit her online at
Kate is a pet guardian to an adorable cocker spaniel and three beautiful but sassy cats. She lives in New Jersey with her husband.



One thought on “Winter is Coming! Enjoy the Weather with This Snow-proof Dog Toy”

  1. I think soccer is a good game with the milk jug because it’s light enough to slide around on the snow. My dog noses it and it goes in all different directions. Good exercise for her. When the snow becomes very hard, it slides even better! Try kicking it in the air. It’s all fun and unpredictable!

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