Woof Rescue App Makes Adopting a Pet Easy, Fun and You Can Find The Breed You Want!
15 April, 2015
Woof Rescue

We all love rescue pets and most of us want to adopt when we are ready for a new furry family member.  And with so many pets that need homes, adopting a pet is really the only way.  Adopting is great but sometimes it’s difficult to know what shelter to go to or where to even start.  Or you might want a specific breed or type of dog or cat that is just right for you and your family.  And Woof Rescue App was created for just that reason.  You can find the exact rescue pet you are looking for in one beautiful, easy to use app! 

What is Woof Rescue App?

Woof Rescue App is a fantastic mobile phone or tablet app that helps people find the love of their lives at a nearby pet shelter. Users of the app can see beautiful photos of adoptable pets, which are taken at the shelters, rescue centers or a foster home. The foster family or the shelter writes detailed information about the pets, such as how the pet behaves around other animals or children, whether the pet is housebroken and/or there are any conditions for which to be cautious.

Woof Rescue

It is a fabulous way for you to figure out the best pet for you and your family.  We all want to rescue our next pet, but we want our adopted pet and our family to be the best fit possible and Woof Rescue App allows you to do so!

Woof Rescue App helps you find your pet with beautiful photos

Users of Woof Rescue are able to browse from thousands of pets, sorted by distance from their location. Upon selecting a pet from the list of choices, a large full-screen image of the pet fills the surface of the phone. When multiple photos of the pet are available, they will fade from one to the next automatically. You can even tilt your phone side-to-side to see more of the photo. Additional information slides up from the bottom of the screen, where the user can also view shelter location, policies, adoption fee and much more.

Woof Rescue Two


The adoption process is simplified with the Woof Rescue app through the use of a “favorites” button on each animal’s detail screen. Choose the favorite pet by tapping the heart icon and you’ll be able to see just your favorites in a filtered list. Extensive filtering also helps simplify the search, where you can select primary breed, distance you are willing to drive, gender, age and size.  You can learn how the shelter operates: do they have a physical location or are they foster based?  Contact the shelter when you’re ready by emailing or calling directly from the app.

Woof Rescue App helps you get feedback from other people who have adopted right off the app!

Woof Rescue App will feature a community feed of pictures and stories of adoptions that have taken place with the help of the app. People can comment on these posts, in addition to asking questions about the adopter’s experience with the breed, the shelter where they adopted, what to expect of a dog of a certain age. People who adopt typically love to share stories of their experience, and Woof Rescue App will give them that ability. New adopters can also be better pet owners by returning to the app to read comments from those who have adopted a similar pet (available in the next couple months).

Not only can the user ask for feedback on a particular pet from their friends, but those who are not in the market for a pet can use this feature to share adoptable pets to Facebook, Twitter, email and other popular social networks to promote pet adoption.  And we all love to help adopted pets and rescue groups!

Woof Rescue App helps you be a participant in the rescue community

Users love Woof Rescue App because they feel as if they are an important part of the rescue community. They also have found it valuable to be able to reach out with feedback and suggestions to the creator of the app via instant messaging, where a personal response is always received in a timely fashion. 

Woof Rescue App will also donate 10% of their advertising proceeds to rescue organizations.  How great is that!  Make sure to download the free Woof Rescue App today where you can find the right pet, share your story and be part of this wonderful community!  You and your new dog or cat will be happy you did!  http://www.woofapp.com


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