20 June, 2012

Some dog owners love when their dogs sleep or share their bed with them each night.  And some dogs are great and take up a little space on the bed and are well behaved.  However, other dogs can hog the whole bed and keep you up all night.

If you want your dog to sleep in his own bed, you have to make his or her bed more attractive and comfortable than your own bed.  With a little effort and training, you can get your dog to sleep in his or her own bed and be happy there!

Choose a good spot for your dog bed

First, you need to choose a spot to set up your dog’s bed that is comfortable and out of the way of foot traffic. A dog doesn’t want to sleep where he or she feels like he is going to have to move to get out of the way.  You can try placing the bed in a corner of the room or under a large dining room table.

Make the bed (sleeping area) where the dog is still able to see you and your family, but not where he or she would be in the way. Your dog likes to be near you at all times, so make sure to place a bed in the room where you work, watch television or sleep.

Put his favorite toy in the bed

Place a favorite toy in the dog bed so your dog will start to get the idea that this is his or her safe place. Give your dog time to chew and play with the toy in his bed.   You can also put a blanket or t-shirt with your scent on or near the bed so your dog can feel as if he is sleeping with you.

Walk the dog to his bed

You should make a ‘big deal’ out of your dog’s new bed or sleeping area by showing him or her that this is the best place on earth!  Walk your dog over and communicate in your happy, excited voice that this is ‘your new bed’ while pointing at the bed.   Next, tell the dog to ‘stay’ there and then walk away (you can even throw a few treats in there if need be).

When you are ready to go to sleep at night

Bring the dog back to the bed right before you go to sleep.  Pet your dog, praise him and walk away and try to tell him that ‘it’s bed time’.  If your dog leaves his bed, just bring her or him back to the bed and again tell him to stay and go to bed.

With time and practice, you will get your dog to sleep in his own bed.  Your dog might give up and/or howl that he wants to be with you, but be diligent that his bed is the best place to sleep.  Your dog will grow to love it!


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