Your Dog Has Just Swallowed a Bone or Toy…
29 May, 2014

As all dog owners know, our dogs love to chew anything and everything. When they are puppies, it seems as if chewing toys, bones, socks or anything around the house is just a normal occurrence. However, sometimes our puppies and/or older dogs swallow something that just doesn’t go down as it should and can be potentially dangerous. It’s important to find out immediately what your dog has ingested.

Signs that your dog might have swallowed something foreign

Any sudden onset of choking that affects your dog’s breathing should be dealt with urgently. Signs of intestinal or digestive discomfort (typically in the form of vomiting and possibly diarrhea) should put you on high alert. You should next try to find out what toy or parts of a toy are and items are still around. You can then figure out what your poor dog might have swallowed to give your veterinarian a point of reference.

Your dog is choking on something

If your dog is choking on something, the best thing you can do is try to help your dog immediately. Choking for big dogs and small dogs are handled differently. Just as in humans, the goal is to get it out of your dog’s system immediately.


Below are some good tips on how to help your dog if he is choking from Pet MD…

If your dog isn’t choking, check your dog’s mouth

First thing you should do is check your dog’s mouth for foreign objects that may be lodged there and, only if very easily accomplished without injury to yourself or your dog, remove them. If you can see a thread, string, or another form of cord hanging from the dog’s mouth, do not pull it or cut it. If you pull it, you can injure your dog’s throat or esophagus, or pull out his or her teeth.

Take your dog to the vet immediately

In all cases, call your veterinarian immediately for advice as to the next steps required. These will vary depending on what your dog swallowed, the time of ingestion and the symptoms that your dog is currently showing. If need be, your vet will have you make an appointment to investigate.

Your veterinarian will take x-rays

Your veterinarian will be able to perform tests and take X-rays if you are unsure of what the dog has swallowed. Barium studies, ultrasounds and CT scans are some of the tests that your vet can perform to determine whether surgery may be needed to remove the object or not.

Treatment for your dog

Treating a dog that has accidentally swallowed an object can vary widely from simply plucking the object from the throat while sedated to intestinal surgery that may require the removal of several feet of bowel. The potential severity of a corn stock or even a sock can be serious and will need to be removed.

How to prevent your dog from swallowing unwanted items

Although it’s almost impossible to stop our dogs from putting things in their mouth, try to keep an eye on what they are chewing when you can. Make sure to avoid leaving out too many toys that they could potentially swallow as well as chew sticks that are too chewed and can easily be swallowed. Our human items, such as socks and underwear, can also be a danger for chew-prone dogs so put them away and out of your dog’s sight!

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