You’ve Spayed Your Dog…Now What?
4 October, 2011

For many pet owners, a dog’s spay is the first surgery they will experience–and hopefully the last. A female dog’s spay is more invasive than a male dog’s neuter, and therefore she can take longer to recover. Below are some tips on how to help your dog recover quickly.

Keep your dog away from the Stitches

Once the anesthesia wears off, your dog will probably become aware that he or she has stitches. They will more than likely irritate her because they will feel itchy, and she may try to scratch or bite at them. Your vet will provide a cone for the dog to wear after spaying to prevent her from agitating the stitches.

Keep Her Separated

After getting spayed, a dog will probably experience a few, if not all, of the following symptoms: lethargy, loss of appetite, vomiting, nausea and aggression. It’s best to keep her away from any other pets and small children so that he or she can rest. Because she can experience the effects of anesthesia for several hours, she should be isolated from others for a day.

Provide Food and Water

Your dog is usually given plenty of fluids during the spay procedure, so he or she will most likely be urinating frequently during the first twenty four hours. Be sure to provide adequate amounts of water so that she can re-hydrate herself. While many dogs may not want to eat immediately following the procedure, it is recommended to try to feed your dog a small amount of food. Because the dog’s stomach may be sensitive, you should consider giving your dog a bland combination of cooked chicken and rice to eat.

Clean the Incision

Be sure to clean the incision several times a day. The vet should provide dine (and possibly some oral antibiotics), which should be applied and allowed to air-dry. The area around the stitches may swell because fluid has built up, but be on the look out for excessive swelling, redness or oozing. Any of these signs may indicate infection, and the spay incision should be looked at by the vet promptly.

Keep your dog calm

After just a day or two after spaying, the dog will more than likely feel like her old self again. Try to keep her from getting overexcited, and limit her activity. Excessive running or jumping may cause the incision to re-open. If this happens, call the vet immediately.

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