Zogard Plus For Dogs and Cats – Effective Year-Round Flea Control!
7 August, 2017

Fleas are so common in our dogs and cats.  And finding the right way to get rid of fleas permanently can be challenging!  Fleas not only affect our pets, but can even infest our home.  With so many products out there, it can be difficult to find an effective way to get rid of fleas for good.  Well, Zogard Plus for dogs is an effective way to get rid of fleas for good!

Zogard Plus protect dogs from flea and ticks that really works!

ZoGuard Plus offers the same active ingredients, coverage, and guarantee as Frontline Plus and is just as effective. ZoGuard Plus contains fipronil, the key ingredient used in Frontline Plus, to deter parasites like fleas and ticks.  ZoGuard uses a sustained release formula which was developed to offer quick and long-lasting control.  Zogard Plus can be used on puppies more than eight weeks old. You can buy a one or three month supply.

How to Apply Zogard for Dogs

Once removed from packaging, separate an individual tube from its grouping. Keep notched side of tube pointed up and away from your face and body. With scissors, cut the notched side with lines.

Using the cut end of the tube part your dog’s hair at the shoulder blades, and apply the treatment by applying directly to your dog’s skin. Give your dog a dose every four weeks, do not apply more treatments less than four weeks apart.  Larger dogs require a larger dose of medicine. In these cases pick multiple spots down the center of the back and apply evenly between the spots.

When can you bathe your dog after application?

Keep your dog from getting wet for 24 hours after application. ZoGuard Plus keeps working for 30 days, even if your dog is bathed or goes swimming. Be sure your dog is completely dry if you apply after a bath.

The benefits of using Zogard Plus for Dogs

Zogard Plus for Dogs kills flea, ticks, lice, larvae and mosquitoes.  It not only kills existing fleas, but also prevents new infestations from developing.  It is waterproof and effective even if your dog gets wet or is bathed with shampoo! Or when outdoors in the sun, the effects will not diminish.  Just apply one time a month and it keeps on working.

Zogard Plus for dogs is effective for four weeks

Zogard Plus takes effect immediately after putting it on your dog. Each dose is 100% effective for four weeks.  It is best to use it the same time each month so there is no gap in covering the flea control.  It is safe to use, but if you or your children come into contact with the drops, make sure to wash your hands thoroughly.  As with any new flea control, watch for dog for any side effects when introducing any kind of new treatment.

If you want effective treatment for flea control for your dogs, Zogard Plus is the way to go. It is effective and will get rid of those annoying fleas for good! And even better, use this coupon code and you can get 30 % off:  PetPavZo !  Have a cat:  Check out Zogard Plus for cats, same application and effectiveness!

Customer Testimonials

“We live in New England where ticks are a huge problem. My black lab was coming in with at least 3 ticks on him every time we let him out. Just a few days after the first application, we noticed that wasn’t happening anymore. It’s now time for the second treatment and I still haven’t seen 1 tick. Super effective, and you can’t beat the price! He has had zero side effects from the applications. Will definitely be our go-to for tick and flea treatment.”

“My dog doesn’t usually pick up fleas or ticks in the backyard but we got this as a precaution. The neighbors have cats that have recently started coming into our backyard so we wanted to treat our dog just to prevent any chance of getting fleas from them. Right now, though. I’d give it a thumbs up.”


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